Mollys been eating every half hour to an hour for the past two days . I wanna start her on solids already :| milk isnt doing it for her anymore >>

Anonymous said: I’m pregnant and my boyfriend has basically pressured me into abortion without even realising he’s forcing me into it. Any advice?

Hey anon,

I am really sorry about the very late reply. i been so busy with my daughter, i forgot all about tumblr. My advice to you is do whatever makes you happy. i honestly don’t believe in abortion, if you don’t want the baby than you guys can always put the baby up for the adoption. There’s many families out there who can’t have children of their own, but would do anything to have one. he might be scare, and thats normal for any male. but once he hears the baby’s heart beat that could help him realize, its time to grow up. Just give it time love. it will be worth it at the end. the little giggles, the smiles, the little feets, the little hands; you wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have a friend, who had a abortion back when she was 16, she is now 21… she still wishes she hasn’t. depending on who you are it will affect you differently. She is the one who actually talked me out of putting molly up for adoption, & i thank god that she did. Molly is my whole wide world. i hope this help you a little. & thank you for coming to me for advice. I wish you the best.

I am in love with this little girl. 

Anonymous said: Hi! You're really beautiful! (: I would love to know, how old is Molly right now?

Thank you Anon!<3 My baby girl is three months now.

Doctors are saying mollys going to need to stay another week for observation, Feels like shes never coming home . >>
I can&#8217;t wait to take Molly home tomorrow!!

I would say the moment a child is conceived.

The love of my life, Miss. Molly.

sabrinansofia said: How early did you have your baby?

I had her at six months.

I was giving her kisses and she was pushes my face away ♥
My loves. Everything i ever hoped for. Im the luckiest girl in the world , There all I need ♥
My perfect little family.

Anonymous said: Im so sorry for being nosey, but I was wondering if its okay to ask.. But did something happen to the other twin? if so im so sorry <3

Oh, No its fine to ask. But yes, I lost her at twenty three weeks. No, need to be sorry. Shes in a better place now<3

Look how big my Molly dolly is ♥ 4 pounds 4 oz